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Communications powerhouse.

What They Needed

A way to share new services with a younger and more mobile-dependent demographic, all in a fun way. 

As AT&T rolled out their Online Services to easily manage accounts, pay bills online, and get answers anytime, they wanted an unconventional way to share the good news.

What We Made

We approached this one with our indie filmmaker caps on (they're in style now). We wrote, cast, produced and delivered a series of commercial spots crafted especially for web audiences (on sites like Hulu, YouTube, and the Chive).

We teamed up with good friends and comedy troupe Hustlebot, who added their own special magic to the creative process.

The Results

We delivered an award-winning series of commercials with world-wide play across a variety of social media and digital video outlets.




An in-home senior care organization built upon competence, companionship and commitment.

What They Needed

A branding makeover. A cost-effective way to get their name in front of a large audience. A full website redesign. A way to recruit new, highly skilled and motivated caretakers. The ability to speak to and educate families struggling to provide care for their loved ones.

What We Made

We identified the target market, and went to work creating head-to-toe branding elements, designed to match the company's warm personality and professionalism, and to attract its target.

We designed a website with friendly UI, stocked with a comprehensive careers questionnaire, allowing the company to easily and efficiently screen potential hires.

We integrated an active blog and social media presence to initiate dialog with consumers and families.

A branded wrap for the company car was the perfect vehicle (literally) to advertise the company and create brand-awareness where it was needed most: in the neighborhoods where Silver Lining serves.

The Results

Silver Lining Senior Care now has a functional site with an efficient way to screen potential hires. Target audiences are being introduced to the company via the branded vehicle. Families are being engaged to discuss hot topics through the integrated social media pages.


The redesigned homepage. Click to enlarge.

The comprehensive questionnaire. Click to enlarge.

The branded car wrap. Click to enlarge.


A world-renowned health care provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Specifically, we worked with their Intermediation Program managers.

What They Needed

A way to introduce doctors to the concept of an Intermediation session, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like. Answers to doctor's questions about the program's validity, confidentiality and usefulness.

What We Made

To understand this project we had to dig deep. Patient/doctor misunderstandings can be painful and costly. And this is no light matter. The Intermediation Program exists to create dialog between patients, families and healthcare professionals to interrupt the downward spiral of misunderstanding and provide an opportunity for peace to be made.

We conducted interviews to journal the real-life accounts of patient/doctor interactions, and along with the intermediation specialists, analyzed them to find the arcs and common themes of these stories.

We crafted scripts to show (rather than tell) these stories with actors in a real mediation room.

We produced video content to be shared with internal staff, distributed to doctors through direct e-mail blasts.

The Results

The Intermediation Program department has seen an increase in physician attendees and participants since the introduction of the video training session. Email video blasts let doctors know what to expect in a session, which makes them more likely to attend.