From healthcare to education, big industry to startups, we are committed to creating excellent films and videos that lead to lasting success for our clients.

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Sewickley Academy

While many schools focus their marketing efforts on highlighting programs, we decided to feature one of the most valuable factors to a student's success: friendship.


Pittsburgh's past is steel and soot. Pittsburgh's present is research and tech. But the future? Project RE_ gives us a creative glimpse in the production of a wall to unite us.


Stories from Pittsburgh makers, and the exciting new platform for connecting with their ideal customers.

Smuckers | TruRoots

We parted from the too-often-seen overhead time lapse recipe videos and went for something cinematic and inviting with this series.

A Portrait of Three Leaders

Get into the minds of three innovative and inspirational CEOs, and see what drives them to dive into the unknown.

Union of Operating Engineers

For this broadcast spot, we wanted the audience to feel what it was like to work with your hands on the highways of our nation, and to stir up a sense of pride in those who do it every day.

Sewickley Academy

We needed to upset a few apple carts here, so we did our homework and found out exactly what was keeping people from donating to the academy's crucial annual fund. Then, we called them out with a disarming, fun and inspiring hand-drawn animation.

Florsheim x Smith

Artistic process. Classic shoes. Modern, handmade designs. Lots of paint. We teamed up with Florsheim and artist Ben Smith to show a work of art in the making.

Sapling Press

100-year-old presses. Women owned business. We loved telling the story of creativity and passion for this featured promotional piece, highlighting Bridgeway Capital's investment in local businesses.

Heidi Optics

A touching, atmospheric piece about a girl and her horse ... and some awesome sunglasses.

TripAdvisor - Life's A Trip

We got personal and edited together footage from a honeymoon trip to Italy for this fun and sweet contest-winning commercial for TripAdvisor.


We produced a short film series to help illustrate abstract ideas on the nature of community.


We were there to capture and promote the opening of this state-of-the-art facility dedicated to reuse and design.

Carnegie Mellon University Drama

CMU Drama celebrates the hundreds of diverse students who come through their intense summer program every year.